Ear wax is a normal part of a healthy ear. Its purpose is to protect the ear canal and eardrum by preventing foreign bodies from entering the ear, causing injuries or infection. Ear wax will also help keep the correct PH balance and is also anti-bacterial.

Having an excess build-up of ear wax is annoying and sometimes painful. As the ear becomes blocked, you can develop infections and sounds become muffled and distorted. This is can be very annoying especially if you are already hard of hearing and can make social situations very awkward. Having your ear wax removed by Microsuction can transform your hearing and reduce the risk of infections literally in minutes!

Microsuction is a small medical suction device, that removes unwanted ear wax buildup via suction from deeper areas within the ear. Microsuction is safe, precise and comfortable and is completed with no mess, water or pain. It is considered to be the modern day “Gold Standard” of ear wax removal enabling you to “Hear Again” within minutes!

Using a high magnification medical device, Karen will carefully proceed to remove unwanted ear wax avoiding the delicate areas of the ear going at a pace that will ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Karen will take the utmost care when carrying out the treatment with a full explanation before, during and after your treatment.


1 ear (30 min appointment)


Both ears (45 min appointment)


Procedures include taking a full medical history and an explanation of the procedure.
You will be required to sign a consent form before the procedure.

What is Microsuction?

Below you can see a diagram of how the Microsuction device works during the ear wax removal.

People often try to unblock with cotton buds BUT THIS IS WRONG! They (which medical professionals agree, should never be used in the ear), push ear wax back into the ear plus, increases ear wax production making blocked ears worse.