Karen gained her Enrolled Nurse qualification in 1980 at Broadgreen Hospital Liverpool, and Registered General Nurse qualification with Plymouth University in 1999.

Karen trained to be a Microsuction Specialist in June 2018 with Rotherham Primary Ear Care Service NHS Foundation Trust, who are the ear care Centre of Excellence in Great Britain. They set the standards for all ear care health in the country, which is endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Medical Devices Agency (MDA).

  • Karen is trained to recognise the ‘normal’ and the ‘abnormal’ in the external ear using high magnification surgical loupes, that enable her to see minute details of your ear canal and ear drum.
  • If an abnormality is found a referral can be made (with your permission) to your GP, or to the local acute hospital if your condition is considered urgent.
  • Karen has the knowledge on which to base management of excessive and troublesome wax, and other ear conditions, including inner and middle ear infections.

Karen is registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, together with being a member of the Royal College of Nursing.

On a more personal level Karen is a very chatty and sociable person who loves to spend time with family and friends. She especially loves going to watch a play at the Blackmore theatre and any musical performed by local musical societies. She is a great traveller and in recent years has backpacked around many countries, and has learned to scuba dive (but only in warm seas abroad!). Closer to home and far more relaxing is the love of her garden, which patients can view whilst sitting within the comfortable chair in her clinic.

🐶 Meet Senna 🐶

I decided to sponsor a hearing dog puppy as I thought it would be a lovely way of celebrating the start of my new business. It will take 18 months for him to complete his training, and change the life of his new owner, I can’t wait to see how he gets on.

As a nurse I have seen the value of various types of assistance dogs, so a hearing dog fitted in perfectly with my new venture, I chose Senna as his cute face made my heart melt!

Hearing dog puppy